• Blauer Engel

    Sulo Setzt ein Zeichen für die Umwelt.

    Ausgezeichnet mit dem Blauen Engel: MGBs von SULO

    Ein Unternehmen, das sich in besonderem Maße für die Umwelt engagiert, wird mit dem blauen Engel belohnt. SULO untermauert mit dem begehrten EuCertPlast Zertifikat für MGBs aus 80% recycelten Kunststoffen den Anspruch als Vordenker für Nachhaltigkeit und innovative Materialqualität.

    Blauer Engel
  • Optisolutions

    Integrated Hardware Systems and Software Solutions

    State-of-the-art technology guarantee clever solutions

    User-based invoicing, online resident service, efficient emptying of bins as needed and correct allocation of different components for recycling.

  • Smart Solutions

    Smart Solutions for the Environment

    Products and Services for Recycling Management

    In addition to a wide range of waste containers we offer intelligent software and hardware solutions for the collection of recyclables.

    Smart Solutions
  • People who save opt for quality


    RAL quality seal - bins with a long lifespan

    All SULO bins carry the RAL quality seal, which means they meet the highest standards of functionality and quality, far exceeding the specifications of EN 840.


    People who save opt for quality
  • IF Award Winner 1982

    SULO MGB 1100 FD

    Classic design outside your frontdoor


    Designer bins? Yes, they exist! The SULO MGB 1100 FD is the world’s only 4wheeled bin to receive renowned design prize the IF Award. Proof positive, according to an international panel of experts, of the timeless design of the MGB 1100 FD. And SULO customers don’t pay a penny more for this design bonus!

    IF Award Winner 1982
  • Bin Systems

    For 40 years, the name SULO has stood for one product above all: bins. With bins ranging in size from 60 to 1,100 litres plus a comprehensive range of accessories, SULO is your one-stop shop for bins.


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  • Underground Systems

    Underground container solutions are growing in popularity thanks to early adopters in Western and Southern Europe. These systems are increasingly being installed for use in the housing industry and in the collection of recyclable materials in public locations.


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  • Depot Container

    Depot containers offer as much flexibility as they do volume. Made of plastic or steel, they demonstrate outstanding quality and durability. Various slot systems and lifting technologies fulfil every possible need as regards collection categories and vehicle technology.


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The small bin for your kitchen or for pre-sorting biodegradable waste. Ten litres in volume make it just the right size.

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SULO RollBox

Your bin trolley.Perfect for large housing complexes, e.g. for balconies.Can be emptied from a vehicle and has a chip nest.

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